Tuesday, April 12, 2011

flush of success

Replete with coconut milk caramel, I decided that there has got to be more ways to use this luscious milk. Case in point-Whole Foods sends me these little recipe emails and one of them was featured a flan recipe. I thought how serendipitous! I am having taco night and flan will go with that beautifully! Except for the fact that Leslie can't have eggs or dairy. Ok, so sub dairy with coconut milk-check. Eggs? How do you do custard without eggs?? This took a bit more pondering, eating of sugar, then it hit me: agar agar!! It helped set up the lemon bars, so hey I bet it would set the milk. Turns out, I am right, which is always a beautiful thing; as opposed to when I am wrong and have wasted ingredients on something that looks as if evil trolls left it in my kitchen for a cruel prank. The next time I might try using half coconut milk, half hemp or almond; this tasted lovely, but like coconut. So if you think you might want a more neutral flavor to your flan, a mix of milks is the way to go. I used agave in the custard itself, since several of us are trying to lessen the refined sugar we eat. So, you could, conceivably, have panna cottas from this recipe if you can't have any sugar. However, I have not had much success with caramelizing other sugars- anybody have any suggestions for this? If so, please rush your mouse right over to leave a comment!

Submitted to Slightly Indulgent Tuesday and Allergen-Free Friday
Coconut Milk Flan

2 cans of unsweetened coconut milk (Use at least one can for the 'cream', to help with the consistency of the custard. I used the 365 brand)
2 tablespoons agar agar flakes
1 tablespoon triple sec (I thought orange would be nice-feel free to sub vanilla)
1/4 cup of light agave nectar
1 cup sugar

In a heavy saucepan, heat the sugar by itself over med/high heat. DO NOT MOVE THE SUGAR! You want to let it melt and caramelize evenly and if you try to muck about with it now, you will not get smooth, luscious caramel. Now, when you start to see the edges go brown, and brown spots appear in the middle of the white expanse of sugar, take the pan off the heat and swirl like a madwoman. (you can stir like a madwoman with a heat proof spatula, I suppose. But what fun is that?) This will help the rest of the sugar melt and it won't burn to an unrecognizable blob that has to be chipped off your pan. Now you should have a lovely liquid pure caramel-pour it VERY QUICKLY into a 9 x 13 pyrex and try to spread it as much as possible before it starts to harden-which it will! So important to start pouring and spreading AS SOON AS all the sugar has melted. Set aside somewhere warmish-I set mine on the back of my stovetop.
Ok, the milk. Pour the two cans of coconut milk in a heavy saucepan and whisk until the 'cream' has combined back with the more watery looking milk. (I keep my cans in fridge-if you don't, then this may be super quick for you) Now bring the milk to a simmer. Add agave, whisk in completely. Add agar agar. Bring to a boil. Be careful to watch this pot! Boiled over milk just stinks-literally, and it is a waste of money. When it has reached full boil, lift it up off the burner and whisk like a dervish. You will still see little floaty wisps of agar agar. Set the pan back on hot burner and bring to boil again, then immediately turn heat down to med, to let the 'custard' simmer gently until all of the agar agar has dissolved, another 10 minutes or so. Now, pour this still very hot (be careful not to burn yourself)'custard' into your prepared 9 x 13 pyrex. You will hear hiss and pop as the hot liquid hits the sugar-that is normal. Let it cool a bit at roomtemp, then cover with plastic wrap (if you try to do this immediately, it will steam, which you don't want) and refrigerate for 8 hours. This makes a very thin flan, which I prefer- feel free to use a smaller pan for a thicker slice of flan. served 10 with small pieces.


  1. Wow! I've always wanted to try making an egg and dairy free flan, but didn't know where to start. But now I do - thank you! I'm looking forward to swirling like a madwoman and whisk like a dervish. ;)

  2. @withoutadornment- i hope you have fun when you make it! :) and i like to swirl in time to music, but do as you will *grins* cooking for family with limitations has certainly helped me cook outside the box. hugs! jamie

  3. do you think coconut sugar could be used instead of cane sugar?

  4. @melissa i have a friend who swears you can caramelize coconut sugar; i have yet to have much success with it. it could be me, it could be the brand of sugar i have, it could be me... :) if you try it, please let me know how it comes out!! :)