Thursday, March 10, 2011

inadvertant hiatus

Ok. I was never the most reliable blog writer, let's just get that out there. And then I moved. Next, I went on vacation to New York-which was fabulous! And really, who expects anyone to keep up their blog while on vacation? (unless of course yours is a vacation blog-by all means carry on.) Then there was a flight out to see family. Then I was invited out for a long weekend in San Francisco-who says no to that? Especially since I found a fantastic bakery& bought their cookbook: Tartine. And then I got the most wicked case of strep throat necessitating 12 days of antibiotics. For a good 3 to 4 of those days, I did nothing more active than trying to down chicken soup so that I could down my meds. The rest of my convelesance was a trade off of reading books and reading blogs. Which of course made me think about my blog and how I have sadly neglected it. This post by Dianne Jacob especially made me ponder exactly why I have a blog and how I interact with the other blog people out there. It is my hobby, I'm not making money off of this, nor will I ever. And yet, it is in the public 'verse. How these two facts intersect with eatch other has many viewpoints and I am still processing these as to how they apply to me& mine. Dianne's book is a great resource for how to write about food-and how not to. So I am trying to not use passive voice when writing down recipe directions (which is hard!!), being clear in my instructions, and trying to be inventive in my word choice. Which means, of course, that now I am actually writing things out on paper first and editing! Now you understand fully why the inadverdant hiatus. My sister and I still cook for her dietary needs and I have been taking pictures so that I can post them. You know, eventually... There will be a lemon bar recipe posted soon, I promise-it was orginally from Iris who had Zoe help her convert it to sugar free, gluten free and dairy free dessert. She then issued a challenge to make it vegan, which in a lemon scented deliruim, I accepted! While moving. Yes I know, I too am shaking my head at this bit of lunacy. However, I think I did a pretty good job of converting the recipe itself (Leslie said wow!) but the posting pictures and updating everybody-not so much. But I will be strict! I will post the recipe with pictures this weekend! I have been working on other things too; a mashed potato recipe with hemp milk, coconut cream caramel, and vanilla cupcakes(still!). I have also been cooking up a storm with Amy's new cookbook and trying out recipes from Gluten Free Girl& the Chef that are dairy free or that we can make dairy free. I might post some of these or I might just post the changes I made. In one of the posts on Dianne Jacob's blog, they discussed proper etiquette when adapting a recipe and making sure credit is given. Now, I have always given credit to whomever's recipe I adapted, but it never occured to me that posting a recipe that had no need of adaptation is considered a huge oh-hell-no in many parts of the blogosphere, even when credit is given. I had no idea my little hobby would have rules (it's not baseball or baccarat for crying out loud!), but apparently now that more people than my mom& sister read my little hobby, is important for me to respect the populace that has so helped us. However, I am honestly curious, what are your thoughts are on this subject- how have you decided between posting an adapted recipe or just detailing your changes and linking to the original recipe?


  1. I heard you called me a loser. You owe me a lemon bar. :-)

  2. Jason- you were a loser! :) &i suppose... *grins* when are y'all going to be in town again?

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